Disabled Toilets

No matter who you are providing amenities for; workers, members of the public or private guests, it is essential that toilets facilities provided are accessible by everyone. Bordaloo offers the perfect solution.

Disabled Toilets

In this day and age it is essential to have disabled toilet facilities at any public event and if your private event includes guests with accessiblity difficulties, disabled mobile toilets are necessary to ensure accessibility is not a problem.

At Bordaloo we understand this and our standard disabled portable toilet units offer a large wheelchair access entry door and can accommodate one extra person.

We are happy to advise on what your requirements will be and to ensure all your guests or visitors have ease of access to toilet facilities.

Please contact our team on info@bordaloo.co.uk or telephone 07876 543506 we are happy to answer all enquiries.


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Disabled Toilet Hire