Festivals & Concerts

Supplying and servicing mobile toilets for festivals and large concerts is a specialist area, a service which Bordaloo has impressive experience. We are delighted to help plan your toilet and washroom requirements and to provide detailed advice and a free quotation.

Festivals & Concerts

Festivals and large concerts are exciting events and, while we may not be able to ensure the weather runs in your favour, you can be assured that Bordaloo’s toilets and washrooms services will be ideal for your event.

With over two decades experience as a provider of portable toilets and washrooms for large concerts and festivals, Bordaloo is well placed to advise and help plan your event.

From comfortable, modern, multi-unit facilities for the festival and concert goers, through to the VIP luxury facilities for performers and management, Bordaloo is committed to bringing quality and comfort to portable toilet and washroom hire. We are experienced, professional, easy to work with and our set-up and service teams are enthusiastic and supportive.

So send us an email on info@bordaloo.co.uk or call on 07876 543506 and we will be happy to discuss your mobile toilet and washroom needs.

For Your Free Quotation

Please contact Bordaloo Ltd on:

Tel: 07876 543506

Email: info@bordaloo.co.uk

We welcome all enquiries and can assure you a professional and efficient service.

Bordaloo providers of mobile toilets, including VIP luxury toilets for major concerts and festivals