Film Locations

Providing good toilet and washroom facilities for location filming keeps both crew and players happy. Bordaloo is experienced in ensuring that your shoot is comfortable for all those involved.

Film Locations

Here at Bordaloo we understand the need when location filming. By supplying quality facilities for crew and the essential, often contractual, facilities for  VIPs, Bordaloo helps to make the often arduous task of film making go that little bit more smoothly.

We can deliver standard and luxury units to any location and, if required supply the service staff to ensure everything is in order.

We are delighted to discuss your film location toilet and washroom requirements.

So send us an email on or call on 07876 543506 and we will be happy to discuss your mobile toilet and washroom needs.

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We welcome all enquiries and can assure you a professional and efficient service.

Bordaloo experienced in providing the perfect toilets and washrooms for film shoots