Sport Events

Bordaloo the first choice when it comes to mobile toilet and washroom facilities for sports events in the Scottish Borders, Northern England and the Scottish Central Belt. No matter which sport, marathons, rugby, football, racing here at Bordaloo we can advise and provide all your requirements.

Sport Events

Be it a major sporting event or a smaller local occasion, Bordaloo wants to help by advising and providing your mobile toilet and washroom requirements.

We are able to provide general toilets and washing facilities as well as luxury toilet units for corporate sponsors, VIPs and special guests.

Mobile toilets and washroom units for:

  • Rugby
  • Marathons
  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • School Sports occasions
  • Charity Sports events
  • Corporate Sport events

So no matter what the sport, or size of your event send us an email on or call on 07876 543506 and we will be happy to discuss your mobile toilet and washroom needs.

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We welcome all enquiries and can assure you a professional and efficient service.

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